It’s lovely to meet you.  
I’m Olivia:
 a photographer, currently residing in Huntingdon, PA with my sweet southern husband (James).  We recently moved to the central PA area from Houston, Texas and are adjusting to the rolling hills and cold weather but enjoying the deep greens and wildflowers. 
My passion for the camera started when I was young with the realization that I could keep all the zoo animals from the school field trip, just by clicking a little round button.

 My heart dances when I’m behind the camera, capturing life as it happens, freezing the moments so you/we/us can hold them forever. I’m not much for “posed,” as life is anything but. I prefer to let the camera capture the session as your story unfolds before it- love and laughter orchestrating a symphony of images that you can imprint not only in your memory, but inside a frame, to hold close when the days become seemingly mundane. I want to offer you perspective that you can keep and look at when you need a reminder of what’s the most important. 

I want to meet you, and get to know you and what you value in this life, so that we can create honest images that reflect exactly who you are. Contact me and we'll see if we're a good fit and get to capturing.
Q and A: 
What kind of photography do you do? 
I'm a lifestyle and documentary photographer who loves capturing love stories, families in their element, little ones loving life, and on and on. My website is chalk full of all different genres of photography- child portraits, engagement shoots, anniversary sessions, lifestyle, photojournalism in the home. 
What is lifestyle photography? 
Lifestyle photography is when we get to create images, some posed, some natural, of you living your life with the people you love, in a place you love. These can be taken at a thought-out place: your favorite spot, the beach, your child's favorite park, your (my favorite) your home. These are typically 1-2 hour sessions where we pick a spot and I snap away.
What is documentary photography? 
Documentary photography is a bit different to lifestyle in that there are no posed images. I bring my camera to your home and observe you and your family living your life like you always do. I follow you throughout your day and get to capture the moments that make you exactly who you are and who you will be and produce your family's story. Typically this will be a 2-3 hours session or a full morning or evening. 
Both styles of photography are humans naturally living in their natural environments or interacting with nature, living life out in front of the camera with honest emotion.  
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